Name Dulcy
Alliance Rangers
Appearances Movie Part 2
Voice Actor Kira Buckland

Dulcy Sia is the master xena warrior princess knock-off australian supermodel of the planet Buut2dahed and the former sexual girlfriend of Meat.


Dulcy was very helpful to the rangers in her first appearence, saving Pinky from falling to her death. Meat claimed that she was "hot" and commanded Dulcy to have a sexual relationship with him. But she refused, by stomping on his face.


Meat: Dulcy had one relationship and that was to Meat. Meeting him at first, Dulcy thought he was a bit annoying when he commanded her to have a sexual relationship with him while looking up her skirt driving her to stomp on his face. But afterwards they had sex and therefore had a sexual relationship. But that lasted only for the "sex scene" when she turned into a golden owl (Possibly a robot owl) and flew off


She made a big appearence in the last 2 scenes of Part 2. But later appeared in the final scene of Part 3. According to the credits,her future was that she would try to get on Class of the Titans as Boobo.


She has long reddish-orange hair that is in a peculiar style and she wears a jungle tank top with one strap and a jungle skirt (her clothes are green) and also wears a green headband. She also has blue eyes,but has no sclara

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