Official Artwork by Kirbopher15 for his series.

Character SketchesEdit

MeatSketch WBSketch ChanSketch MaceSketch PinkySketch
From left to right: Meat, Willy, Billiam, Chan, Mace, Pinky

These sketches for the six Rangers were artwork exclusively made for character bios on the official Movie Blog.

Official Movie ArtEdit

Movie E F
From left to right: The entire movie, Movie Part 1, Movie Part 2

Official artwork for the movie that appears on Newgrounds and DeviantART. The latter two appear on the loading screens of the flashes themselves.

Character BiosEdit

Click on the image, then click on it again at the image page, then magnify to enlarge and view properly.

Short descriptions of the main characters (Meat, Willy, Chan, Mace, Pinky, Zordon, Alpha, Zet, Nekoneko, and Renaldo) on DeviantART to anticipate the release of Episode 1.


The Red Ranger, and leader of the bunch.
Though muscular and rather intimidating,
He's actually pretty dumb! But how can
you NOT love a lovable oaf? C'MON!


The Blue Ranger, the whizz-kid... which means
he probably pees himself at night. He's also
Meat's bestest butt buddy at school, and
helps keep the big guy sane.


The Yellow Ranger, and an exchange student
at Angel Grove High School. Chinese, not
Japanese, so she's TECHNICALLY
not an anime character!


The Black Ranger, who has a couple of
maces for arms. Probably
has a tragic past. Swears
on a regular basis.


The Pink Ranger... DUH. She's also a hot
bitch with some tig-ol' biddies.
Also enjoys gum... among other
things... wink.


Leader of the Power Rangers. He got trapped
in a Time Warp by some crazy lady on a
bike, and now he's stuck in a tube.
Sucks for him... 37.

Alpha 5

Zordon's robotic lackey with a really
annoying voice. Ain't he shiney?
Not to be confused with Ultimate
Creature II. He ain't got the hair.

Lord Zet

Bastard child, but not really a bastard, of
the evil Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. Very
spazzy and needs to lay off the video games.
He looks familiar...


Zet's personal secretary and girlfriend.
Very deattached from the world of the Power
Rangers and doesn't reallly care.
She also looks familiar...


Lord Zet's monster-making croney. Likes to
uneccesarily laugh in times of peril, and
isn't very adept at making monsters, but
he's getting better. Has a thing for Zet's
mom... and he looks familar TOO! WTF!?

Parody Rangers StampEdit


A simple stamp promoting the Parody Rangers. Found on DeviantART. Features Meat, Willy, Billiam, Chan, Mace, and Pinky.


Artwork RenaldoRangers ReadyGo LordZet Flabbergasted Halloween

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