Red MeatEdit

  • "I can be a power ranger,man,I can fight evil,I`ll go up and be all like 'Yo EVIL!,I`m a power ranger' Bazaam!"
  • "Oh Shit,man,were gonna fight evil"
  • "Sick Shit!"
  • "BILLIAM!"
  • "What the shit taco just happened,man?
  • "Not now,man,I had a REALLY bad day,Yah don't undahstand!"
  • "Willy!"
  • "The Powah Rangers are back in action!"
  • "I hate the world"
  • "I not the sa-a-a-a-me!"

Willy WilliamsEdit

  • "Oh my god,this show is racist propaganda,like woah!"
  • "Who calls you that?"
  • "Oh my god,hey guys!"
  • "..Are we there yet? (reaptively says it..something hits him) Ow..."
  • "So the job my parents got was actually in space,lemme show u guys ur new zords and stuff"
  • "I`m the smart one,cause I wear glasses,and use the internet to look up big words
  • "Hey guys,I`m back,and I`m the green ranger now!"
  • "What....?"
  • "Yaaaaaa...Oh whoops"
  • "Uhhhh...I'm gonna save the children"
  • Hey,your a (something something) man

Alpha 5Edit

  • Where were the gays,Zordon,we can`t go on without the male midget (refering to Willy)
  • Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi


Oh snap it is!

Anyone got any gum?

How come you don't do that,Willy?

Please! Ever since these flashes started being made,you've always been like an abusive father to us all


Sure,I`d like to be for your team

What,we don`t undahstand

I`ll help!

I miss Willy,people were already starting to make fun fics about the two of us



That was snazzy,convienet,even,eh,eh?

Why won`t you respect me for who I am? (cries)

Oh this is dreadful,Zordon and Alpha are dead,the earth is gone,and my hair is an absalute mess!

Goodbye,Cruel World,Tell Clyde I said I....

I smell biscuits!~

It's Impossible! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


There There

We`ll be awesome,I`ll go up and be all RU-DUH-DUH-DUH


Will ya stop yo' bitchin'!? We've got company

(rapping) People always ask me why my arms are flails,It happened a few years ago,I was working in wood class,and this douche came in,spit on the floor,and said he was tough,I looked at him and I kicked him the nuts and then he said "Boy,you've got some guts",took out a saw,and kicked me in the face,sawed off my arms,so that's why I'm called Mace!


I am the almighty conspired,but now really conspired bastard child of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd,I am the great Zet!

Silence,Woman,the new rangers are here and I will use every retarded trick in my daddy`s book to stop them

Why is there a mold of my mom? I-Is she naked?

Aw,damn it Domo!

Damn It NekoNeko!

Yes Mommy

Daaad,I`m trying my best!

Renaldo,bad news,your fired,OUT OF A CANNON!


Why are you talking to yourself?

Damn it,Zet!



Doesen't feel too good,does it!?


This is bullshit!

I've always been with you guys

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